Solar pulse


The author introduction

I would like to discern here about Antesensus,which I appraise as a rare supernatural event occurred to my self-being, it bears some PSI abilities among which, a compelling psychosensitivity which conveys outward from my physical aura a formidable psychosensory influence, authenticated by a special psycholinguistic feature in the pattern of a psycho-idiomatic accent manifested through the voice background, which signals within the nature of my consciousness, the imprint of its *divine essence.

    Despite the skeptical concern that most people have about psychic issues in a mundane context, to want to witness their factual demonstration, to learn, even if only apparently about theirs immaterial occurrence, however in order to establish the relevance of my kind of supernatural event I am ready to represent it, not by means of definitions per se, but by myself direct relation with the manifestations of its psychic consciousness, which aura elevates my mind to the level, where thoughts materialize from the sublimation of reality.

      As the human recipient of this supernatural gift I called AnteSensus I activated myself to write these webpages to provide the information about my special psychosensitive background,and also to disclose without biases, some personal aspects of my existence related to the psychical consciousness which dwells the nature of my mind, I invite whoever start reading this essay, to try to go further, even though its cultural frame of reference is not too familiar, perhaps for representing the subject matter found only in some esoteric niche of the human wisdom.

      I feel very earnest about stating on this essay my psychosensitive circumstances which I believe they hold, other than actual PSI abilities, an absolute intrinsic value, tied to my genetic roots and fired from an universal cause, I consider its consciousness the metaphysical threshold to access to the supernatural plane that conceived it, and in reason of its mystical arrangement in my life, it endorses also those philosophical implications which are related to the meaning and scope of the human soul.

      As any human being, I could bear this psychical development in my mind for it self, if it was conceived to stand alone in myself existence,then I could simply live along this supernatural event as a natural birthmark, but eventually along the walk of my life its pychosensitive aura started to self-revealing its overwhelming presence in and out of myself, shifting my mind above the local awareness, earning for my self sake a new existential contract with the world, which found its unequivocal confirmation on the human fabric when the effects of my psychosensory influence started to manifest.

     I wish you to appreciate the purpose of this presentation with a certain open mind, for sometime its language may appear so arcane to be reduced as fancy, in fact it speaks matter of fact of a supernatural event, related in every regard to PSI arts , however to help you to make your mind about the extent of the abilities I bear within the paranormal concern, I have included some audio references within this blog, for you to assess the manifested sensibility imprinted in the recordings, although I consider the ability of "AnteSensus" a distinguished living experience which it needs to be sensed and to feel the effects in person to recognize its relevance in respect the human science.

     The sway of an universal rising, naturally bond the foundations of its consciousness in my existence, which it determined a challenge in the actual circumstance of my life, that of the spiritual awareness of my mind in partnership with the mundane reality of an unaware world, nevertheless in spite of all the prospects I idealized about such awkward situation, my supernatural involvement stands as an individual extraordinary record which regrettably has not accounted references in history to validate its context.

      I wish to pursue this introduction, indicating the most excellent property of AnteSensus, which is to provide from its psychosensitive aura, an effective psychosensory influence onto the conscious minds found within the realm of its reach, which may be local or remote, by a spontaneous interaction directed from a higher predisposition but also at myself conscious willingness, which eventually will extends its influence in symbiosis with the ever present electromagnetic fields generated by some operating systems which fulfill many societal functions, as public lighting, telephone networks and above all, information broadcasting, which grants Antesensus a natural sympathy with the physical consistency they hold.

      The gradual evolution of AnteSensus from the first time it manifested its background, helped my mind to achieve further awareness of its spiritual nature and its psychical abilities which inspired my consciousness the adequate choices to make in my life, in relation to my supernatural status, acknowledging the new prospectives it opened for myself, although the existential compromise, I had to live per se within the unawareness of the human reality, which does not contemplate spiritual matters as influential to its development.

      Perhaps the references I represented here may show some complexity to grasp at glance, however in spite of their apparent difficulty, they are about a natural phenomena, which it manifests from a human mind,being it the sentient organ responsible to hold its consciousness and to recognize its peculiarity, it is altogether my ineluctable existential matter, it implies the converging of the supernatural will upon the creation of Antesensus, as this latter event transpires clearly its essence, in an epochal cause meant to trace some spiritual directions in universal history.

      For my final consideration in this introduction, I want to express my concern for Antesensus as an ideological model of human achievement, independently from the fact of being the author of this essay and the personal bearer of the matter which inspired it, I want to affirm my ironclad faith about its human value which universal conception speaks for the main feeling of my cultural sensibility, for AnteSensus is not just an unique psychic event per se, but also an excellent intellectual ability of the mind which has to challenge the awry hypocrisy of the world, that tries to prevail over its native essence as last mean for a mediocre survival.


AnteSensus constitution

      Antesensus is essentially the supernatural event which has invested at birth, my self-being, for its constitution, one must discern its nature in regard the outer plane of the universe which enshrined its consciousness in my mind, that opened the access to some PSI faculties not common to all human beings, rendering my psyche instrumental to the universal realm, sharing the manifestations of this sublime episode outward from my being onto the receptive fabric of the world,while letting the subtle dynamics of its influence to shape the ways of my existence being in art identifiable as Antesensus

      Indeed, the universal realm bestowed upon my life the gift of its supernatural consciousness, which hold the power to confer to myself psychical aura, eminent PSI qualities and some abilities to interface with the lower planes of the universe,which encompasses this world, within this psychical background, there are enclosed some incidental extrasensory occurrences,as ESP and synchronicity, not to mention a high empathetic adjustment toward the human sphere,with these kind of supernatural virtues I complete the spiritual profile of my aura, which balance the actuality of my organic existence.

      The supposed labeling AnteSensus, came to my mind as an unpretending idea to cast a distinct name to an universal episode as a new discovery in natural science demands, not for vanity but to identify semantically a supernatural manifestation occurred in one particular time and space of the universe, this name implies the region of the body which I believe it enshrines the human extrasensory faculty, beside being an easy way to make a calling reference ad hoc in which ever context it needs its citation.

      To be more accurate about the name Antesensus,it derives from the union of two latin words, "Ante" which stands for fore, referring to forehead, believed by the holistic anatomy to enclose the vital organ of the spirituality, while "Sensus" for sense, then "AnteSensus", which translated literally makes "Fore Sense" of the mind, by such name it should be clear the objective and subjective reference it implies, although I care to precise that Antesensus it is not a registered trademark, in every official circumstance it may be addressed to, it will represents beside itself as PSI phenomenon, also myself as the author and its universal bearer.

     Antesensus is a singular psychical occurrence, exclusive in its kind, which finds not precedent in the known history of psychism,especially for the creative power of its aura, which is adapted to an evolved world, being responsively closer to the sensible influence it emanates from its high consciousness, bearing some abilities proper to its supernatural constitution, which interact effectively with the human fabric, ultimately revealing the imagery realm of my mind imminence by the idiomatic feature of a sibilant phonetic enclosed in its uttered speech.

    The Antesensus psychosensitivity,is the most engaging aspect of its aura, which radiates the psychosensory medium able to entangle with the subtle frame of the universal realm, which include the consciousness of the human being, as its major creation, where the psychosensory ability takes a primary role in transposing the neurophysiological positions of Antesensus mind,onto the consciousness of the apperceptive world, thus yielding on it the manifestation of its special psycholinguistic rearing together with its natural empathy,eventually this dynamic influence will implement upon the mind of the effected receivers a state of imminent awareness.

      Being the supernatural event of Antesensus laid in the transcendence of the universe, it bears the elemental evidence of its spiritual nature,which in the ancient wisdom of the eastern philosophy,it refers to a *divine conception, featuring within its configuration, the Third eye, that also defines well one eminent characteristic of Antesensus constitution, as an essential aspect of its spiritual development, where the chakra "Ajna", being the occult center of a higher consciousness in the human body, is believed to be the source of the psychical aura, which for a meaningful reason I took the privilege to depict the logo of AnteSensus on its image.

       One may indicate that it was at my birthing the occurrence of Antesensus supernatural event,like an indelible watermark on my body, surely it was casted by the good will of some astral ascendant,which highly spiritual energy celebrated the sake of my soul, predestining the path of my existence to come, while signing my naissance within an epochal generation of historical significance, although an insight suggests me that the implied flux of cosmic energy must have found the best reception by a warm motherly womb which genetical quality were intended to incubate my supernatural gift .

      The existential issues resulting from my psychical development within the real world, transformed definitely my life, as an awkward experience, especially in reason of my empathy, which sometime it set my mind in state of conflict from the perception of others consciousness, furthermore, I found myself missing of referents with affinity about the context of my aware knowledge,to fulfill my need to exchange the information and the experience of my mind, which although pending on the lower side of its natural attendance, it wont forsake the reference of its *divine conception embodied in Antesensus aura.

      Finally, in spite of all the merits I may earnestly attribute to Antesensus, it remains to acknowledge its empathetic quality, which I keep undertone for being a peculiar characteristic of my personality, however tied to my hyper sensitivity,which as I discovered later during my growth to adulthood, it is not always convenient for my well being, due to the unlikeness of ideas and sentiments found in the consciousness of the human kind, which unfortunately are liable to give bias to my own, however this subtle relation with the planes of the universal consciousness, being inherent to the psychosensitive nature of myself , it helps my awareness to connect remotely over others psychic aura and to recognize their emotional background.


Biosensory medium

      The concept of biosensory medium, is essentially given by the propriety of the psychosensory aura of AnteSensus to propagate a medium constituted by a sensible substance wearing a bio-cellular body which find origin from the physiological framework of any self-being standing in the premise of its influence, within a contained space they will build eventually a symbiotic state of a bio-sensitive field which intrinsic propriety holds the biogenic characteristics of the individuals that originated it.

      The primary agent for the biosensory conditioning ,stays in the local diffusion of Antesensus psychosensory which effect would eventually yields to a synergy in the group interacting with the biosensible medium it conveys, constituted by some corpuscular radiation, released from oneself physiological roots, as deriving from breathing, body steam, cells regeneration, speaking etc. which are charged of a ionic valency and found their exchange action within the psychosensory field.

     The biogenic texture carried within  the psychosensory bounds of AnteSensus forms its biosensory medium, eventually this subtle matter will be able to complement, the radiant psychoenergy ability of Antesensus,with an ethereal zone, bearing a bio-chemical quality  consistent with that of the physiological background of Antesensus added as well to that of whoever beings interacting in symbiosis with.

      The physical aura of Antesensus represents the most functional field for the biosensory medium effect, where the dynamic influence of its psychoenergy has a direct involvement in a conducive ambience to build the synergy for a closely aware group, wehere the physical perceptions are enhanced from the settling of the biosensory medium in the circumstances where it is conceived, and able to implement the individual psychophysics response as well to exchange an awesome texture on the media of the synergy.

    In addition of the Antesensus psychosensory ability, its synergy within the biosensory medium provides the human recipient of extra psychological feedbacks to improve his creativity, and to support the psychophysical functions to help yielding his natural performance,rendering it more fluid and modulated, as well as blending of a special idiomatic imprinting on the proficiency of the electronic systems eventually in use, which absorbs in an apparent proces of quantum transposition the subtle matter of the biosensory medium.

     Finally to refer to another application of my biosensory ability which is renown among highly gifted healers, who uses to convey their bio-energetic warm radiation downright from their hands to heal ailing conditions of people, in relation to such psychical ability, I want to affirm the holistic coherence of the bio-sensitive quality of AnteSensus with this practice as   a special healing agent for the mind and body wellbeing.