Cosmic pulse


The author introduction

I would like to discern here about "AnteSensus", as I reckon a rare supernatural event occurred to my being, it bears the unique psychosensitive ability which conveys outward from the sphere of my mind consciousness a formidable psychosensory power, corroborated by a special psycholinguistic feature in the form of a psycho-idiomatic accent manifested through the voice background, to sign within the nature of my consciousness, the imprint of a divine essence.

    The concern that most people have about psychic issues in a mundane context is to witness their factual demostration to learn, even if only apparenlyt,its immaterial occurrence, however in order to establish its relevance of supernatural event it must be corroborated, not by means of definitions per se, but onself relation with the ability of its psychic consciousness, which aura elevates the mind to a higher level, where thoughts sublimate the grasp of things.

      As the human recipient of a supernatural gift called AnteSensus I directed myself to write this page to provide some information about my special background,and to disclose without biases,also the personal aspects of my existence related to the psychosensitive nature which dwell within myself, I invite whoever will start reading this page to try to go further, even though its cultural context perhaps is not familiar for everybody, being such subject matter represented only in some esoteric gorge of the human wisdom.

      I feel very earnest about stating an actual review on my psychosensitive circumstance which I believe it holds an absolute intrinsic value, likely tied to my genetic roots and residing within the inner sphere of my mind, as being the methaphysical threeshold to access the consciousness of a supernatural plane, it supports also those phylosophical implications which are related to the meaning and scope of the human soul.

      If the human being was not to evolve his self-awareness, I could simply live along this astral event as a natural birthmark, but eventually my pychosensitive aura started to self-reveal its presence in the world, shifting my mind to a higher level of consciousness, accrueing a new awareness of my self, which find its unequivocal confirmation everywhere on the human fabric being effected by my psychosensory influence.

     I wish you to appreciate the language of this presentation with a certain open mind, for sometime it may appear so fancy to be reduced as arcane, in fact it speaks about an undisclosed paranormal event, related in every respect to my self ability of psychosensitiviness, however for reference, as simple proof, I have included within this blog some recordings, although I consider the ability of "AnteSensus" an eclectic human experience which it needs to be experienced live and in person to recognize its value.

     The universal psychosensory experience  I bear is bond ineluctably to its eminence, which it implies a personal challenge on special existential circumstances,that of an esoteric account of oneself life in partnership with an apparent reality as carried on by my actual self, it is anyway my chronicled statement written about a supernatural living experience, which regrettably has not comparable references in history.

        Pursuing this account, I will elaborate on the unique supernatural properties of AnteSensus and its dynamic psychosensitivity which is able to inspirit the human mind in its social environment, as to influence the applied systems which implements its existential thriving, by allowing the creative energy of its sensory background to level evermore sensible technology and higher intellectual reasoning.

       The main ability of the AnteSensus is to radiate from its physical aura a psychosensory energy virtually perceivable by every sentient living creature found within its influence ,also to include electronic sensory systems, which grants to its consistency an electromagnetic property, such event can be confirmed by recording the effect and assess it by the aid of suitable devices.

      The existential development of AnteSensus made my mind to achieve farther awareness which implemented my life prospectives, inspired by this new consciousness and the new perceptions it carried,distinctively, from the common reality as it were,and others in respect to the significance of the universal truth I bore within my human nature, by sharing a supernatural realm.

      Although having stressed here some concepts which belong after all to known aspects of the human existence,their pecularity should deserve the full acknowledgement for the cosmic will concurrent in the creation of Antesensus, which transpire from the supernatural evidence it is able to manifest onto the world, to allow its sake being appreciated other than for an unique phenomenon occurred in the natural world, but the cause for a mission meant to render a sign in mankind awareness of the balance which spirituality holds within the universal domain.

      Last of this introduction, I want to state a personal consideration about Antesensus, reminding that my first concern is of the absolute esteem I hold for its human value which is a permanent and dependable fact in the completeness of my life, confirming that "AnteSensus" is not just an unique psychic event per se, but also the mind of an excellent intellectual ability.


AnteSensus constitution

      When speaking of Antesensus constitution, it must first be considered the kind of psychical event it implies to discern its nature in regard to the supranatural realm of the universe,being manifested in my human background, shaped as a high psychosensitivity, with some psychosensory ability which interact in synergy with the subtle dynamics of the same universe.

      However, the intended synergy,has bestowed my psychosensitive background of other psychic qualities which implements the extrasensory ability Antesensus bears,as ESP and synchronicity, by the volition rendered in the expectations of ulterior consciousnesses appointed among the universal realm, while my physical aura bears a special disposition of empathy and intuition for what concern the human affairs.

      The denomination AnteSensus, came to my mind as an unambiguous idea to cast a name to a supernatural event as any discovery in natural science, not for self-conceitedness but to identify colloquially an astral manifestation occurred in one particular universal time and space, it is supposed to mean semantically the region of the body which I believe it enshrines this extrasense.

      Precisely that part is essentially the forehead,which by the holistic anatomy it encloses the vital organs of the spirituality,in this case "Ante" stands for fore in latin while "Sensus" for sense, then "AnteSensus" which translated literally is "Fore Sense",to mind that when I state colloquically in my rendition such denomination it refers in every physical and juridical aspect to the author personally, in whether case I may address it, it will represents as myself also the supernatural gift I bear.

     Antesensus is an exclusive and singolar psychical manifestation which finds not records in the history of psychism,especially for the creative power of its aura, which is able to expand its psychosensitivity conveying outward some true mind supportive influence, while revealing as a virtuous sign of its immanence a sympathetic magic, enclosed within the phonetic of the spoken language.

    It is on its aura, the Antesensus first psychosensitive ability that emanates the psychosensory medium able to engage within the universal space, conveying by this energy the neurophysiological position of the special psycholinguistic emphasis as being in my own neural network and the natural empathy of my consciousness which is capable to render into an affined living environment a mental synergy to ensue eventually an outstanding enhancement on some of the human capacity.

      Being the spirituality an absolute value in the universal nature of mankind, its denial carried with ignorance and prejudice contradicts the natural laws, as to want to deprive the universe of its divine conception and the faith on its perfect creation,which is feasible to generate a supernatural event in the form of Antesensus, as a psychical emanation of its spiritual consciousness.

     The ancient wisdom of the eastern philosophy, refers to the mystical conception of the third eye, which defines also some AnteSensus characteristics as the essential side of its spiritual development, where the chakra Ajna, being the representation of a higher consciousness is believed to be the source of the psychic aura, which for an intrinsic interest I took the privilege to depict the logo of AnteSensus on such form .

      I feel it is lecit to say that the event of my birth must have occured under the good will of some astral ascendent,which blessed my soul of its high spirit, together with the concurring generation of my naissance, although my insight tells me that this flux of cosmic energy must have matched the warm motherly womb where some rare genetical quality were intended to incubate my supernatural gift .

      Wanting to abridge the evolution of my psychic nature within the mundane reality as a peculiar existential experience through the life of one being, which although pending on a lower plane for actual time, it has not relinquished the reference of its divine conception, such circumstance has helped nevertheless to promote the spiritual aura of AnteSensus in the constellation of the universal consciousness,

      With all the merit I wish to emphasize lastly, the feeling the empathy, inherent to the subtle sensitivity of Antesensus which it is rendered widely by the natural influence of its physical aura, distinctly by the vibration of its voice utterance, and while interacting with the human background, it conveys along its spiritual essence, the ability to inspire the synergy of confidence and awareness in oneself mind.


Bio-sensory medium

      The concept of bio-sensory medium, is essentially given by the propriety of the psychosensitive aura of AnteSensus to propagate over its energy also a sensible substance wearing a bio-cellular body which find origin within my natural biophysical framework, eventually it will enter in symbiosis with the living enviroment, saturating of a bio-sensitive matter the extended background being developed.

     Referring to the psychosensory ability of AnteSensus and the effects it renders through its synergic action with the living environment, it is a primary agent in this process of acclimatization, the bio-sensory medium convey by the corpuscolar celles released naturally from oneself body, as deriving from breathing, body steam, cells regeneration etc. which are charged of a bio-chemical valency and gravitate within the physical aura.

     This physiological bio-sensitive included within  the psychosensitive influence of AnteSensus eventually it will realize a corpuscular medium, able to adjunct other than the radiant energy from the  psychosensory source, an organic quality, which bears some bio-chemical property  consistent with that of the neurophysiological background of oneself  which interaction transposes its quantum encoding.

      As the emanation of this subtle and dynamic bio-sensory medium intensified, its organic concentration within the crescent influence of AnteSensus psychosensitive aura, it will set within the boundary of a  contained space, a symbiosis that will function as biological transponder integrated in a vital system which eventually will sustain the synergy of all concerned biological entities.

      While the contained space implies ideally a place meant as production field, the first perception of its bio-sensory conditioning is the formation of an ethereal quality on the circumstances where it is being established, having let the development of a bio-sensorium which is able to render some awesome idiomatic response on whatever is in synergy with its influence.

     Precisely, the synergy with this bio-sensitive field beside to improve the psychophysical functions of the operators it renders some bio-energetic feedback to help the coordination on the performing dynamics, as well as adding a special texture on the proficiency of the electronic system which will begin to operate embedded by the action of this bio-sensory feature.

     I want to refer to another application of the bio-sensory flux which is delivered by the ability of some gifted healers, who convey their bio-energetic ratiation downright from their hands to heal ailing conditions of people, in relation to such psychical ability, I may state undeniabily the holistic coherence with this practice as   the bio-sensitive quality of AnteSensus remains ultimately a special healing agent for the mind wellbeing.