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                     Simulation of the Divine light

     Hello and thanks for sparing some of your time to browse through the pages of this self-made web site, you may interact with it by the contact form, if you have some comment you wish to publish here, or to get in touch with the author personally. (I am always looking for fresh news to invigorate its content)

     First of all, just to say two words of introduction on behalf of what it is about, allow me for an immodest cultural presumption, here I mean to share some ideas but real views related to the esoteric aspect of my existence as empath and psychosensitive,(read about empathy clicking on the link) which beside being related to the paranormal and supernatural, it also connects to physics and human science for the special mondane implications it entails, however in this context I will go beyond mere scientific references, being myself unequivocally the solo testimonial of an existential experience bearing a psychoenergetic aura which let to manifest the side of my spiritual self while posing it in confrontation with the mechanistic mindset of the world, such experience completes essentially the knowledge background of the subject matter exposed here.

     To help the peruse of the website, I designed a menu that shows by the pages title, what these matters are, they tell essentially about the existential context in which my psychosensitive background broaden its self-consciousness, and further on I added in the menu some complementary topics, representing what you find only on specialized fields of humanistics and esoterics science, while in others I will try to explain the rationale of the psychosensitive ability I bear following the insights of my mind, and ultimately in the page dedicated to Dharma steps you will find in synthesis the real story of my becoming what I am at present.

     However I like to make clear that most of the ideas and concepts shown on this original work of authorship, come from a personal intuition, which it relies mostly on the instrumental resource of my mind and the direct observation of the facts.

   With this blog I respond to an intimate drive, heartened from my existential experience which universal truth duly compelled myself to reveal the exceptional episode it represents to mankind, principally for being a real event of the supernatural, pulsating of cosmic energy, which consciousness found haven within the sphere of my mind, a lucky day for an unfamiliar world to this kind of astral events, which carries the sake of ulterior knowledge to serve the universal purpose to understand ever better the nature it is made of.

      The matter of this supernatural event is about the psychical empowerment occurred within the consciousness of my self-being, which appointed my mind its natural shrine, I will discern some thoughts about the extrasensory abilities I acquired which dwell parallel with my psychological background, and although my human existence endures on the a mundane reality, the spiritual aura it emanates is an undeniable sign of its *divine cause.

     If you read here the insights of my mind with attention you will be aware about my gift of psychosensitivity, which bears some special accomplishments, I reckon being granted from a supernatural domain, with a reason which transcends the average human expectations, but to fulfill during the course of its cyclical era, the perfect prescription for an existential mission, to bring the world in contact with the universal consciousness of AnteSensus.

     You will be awe-inspired by the cool manifestations of AnteSensus which aura cast ouward from its pulsating source a compelling radiation, its latin name represents an esoteric logo to record with respect an original event occurring in mankind history, which involves some inscrutable aspects of the universe, embracing within the realm of human science a crepuscular chapter concerning the knowledge of the matter and the spirit, from quantum physics to metaphysics, which scientific system, I believe to endorse the basic effects of my psychoenergetic influence.

     As the supernatural event of AnteSensus, dwells a higher plane of the universal consciousness, it serves the clue to unravel some metaphysical axioms which concept form the base of all religious faith, as that of the significance of the psyche and how it exists, this purpose is fulfilled by the spiritual resonance generated from the AnteSensus psychosensitive aura which help the transcendence of one individual mind, while helping the build up of the third eye which displays the clearest reflection of the aura wisdom, vital for spiritual self-introspection.

      I praise myself for holding an unselfish mindset but neither thinking in hypocritical modesty, when I proclaim the psychic abilities of Antesensus as a special sensible PSI phenomenon, bearing an unique extrasensory power, for this reason I invite you to go through the pages of this web site,with an open mind, ready to encounter esoteric and cultural references from my personal learning experience, which you need to grasp its factual context, to enter in the spirit and matter of Antesensus and let the spell it emanates to come true in oneself mind.

     As I am yearning to receive your most distinct appreciation for my web essay , I included within some live recordings which show practically the accomplishments of AnteSensus, by reviewing the broadcasted voices and sounds, you will verify the psychoenergetic enhancement it induces, and its major feature represented by a remarkable psycholinguistic modulation which constitutes other than the conceptual manifestation of my psychical consciousness , the live perception of the energy it vibrates.

      In the time Antesensus psychical consciousness may exists beyond the threshold of nature, its mundane functions are shared casually within my existential perception of the world, such awkward normality constrain myself to stands on two separated plane of immanence, as one side of myself, exists in reason of ancestral consequence, while its absolute notion, belongs to the supernatural which owns the primordial voice for its high cosmic order .

      Looking at the philosophical mirror of my aura you will perceive the deep reflections of its soul, integrated within the consciousness of my self-being, obeying to a subtle symbiotic compromise, which it enables my mind to idealize visions originating from its psychical core, nevertheless, I am able to discern the free will of my physical nature being the intentions of my mind not alien from the human wisdom.

     I heard from the echo in my mind the coming in actuality of my universal consciousness, which falling in line with its rising ascendent it superimposed upon myself the streak of its noble enlightenment, laying the sentiments of his rule on my self-being, animating my heart of the supernatural conception it bears to meet with reason the appearance of mechanist logic.

      Thinking of the constitution of the universe, although It leaves to the human prerogative the faculty to recognize its dualistic identity and to accept it as an ineluctable reality of its eminence, I believe that thermodynamics demonstrates the consciousness of matter, that's of course is conceivable in an perfect system where freewill is not an option, but where mind and matter depend one on the another.

     Hoping that the world always welcomes a vital energy flowing from an emergent cosmic junction, for it is meant to inspirit mankind, but alas, some of the latter still manifest aversion toward this outer blessing, perhaps for an atavistic edict or for a compelling metamorphosis of the personality, the human egoism denies by prejudice and hypocrisy the spiritual edge of this universal creation and its essential role in building the human fabric as we live it , where the existential chances depend irrevocably upon what its higher consciousness has pre-signed for their resolution.

* For Divine the author doesn't want to imply nothing to do with a religious context , only a commonplace to mean sacred, blessed or supernatural nature, making symbolically a statement for a non plus ultra event bearing excellency of positive energy.

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Note of the author: "Antesensus" is an unregistered trademark of the biopsychic event as described in this website, by the natural mastermind of its bearing and the manifestations it produces.

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