"Spirit and matter, self made natural phenomena in the limitless time of a supranatural awakening,which emanation corresponds to the quantum of the universe, manifesting the will to exist and become one in the consciousness of light."           



     The theory of the Big Bang, as some scientists assumed for the origin of the universe, would remain in the reach of a modest opinion for such infinitely great event, if wasn't for philosophy which, with its illimited capacity to idealize logically, it allowed the concept of Spirit and Matter as the background of the cosmic creation,(read about this classic dichotomy clicking on the link) where such duality had forever been in the form of oness only, to be eventually realized, by some preternatural consciousness, in the complementary existence of two realites.

     While the eastern philosophy was focusing on the dualism made up of consciousness and matter, In occident the esoteric philosophy surged as an actual discipline when greek philosophers began to make pondered introspections on the essence of man, such circumstance laid the passage from the intriguing vision that Egyptians had about the soul to an idealistic speculation, which is continuing to our time by the ever lasting work carried out by philosophy scholars, whose concern yelds inevitably toward the basic quest as to resolve one of the most challenging aspect of the mystical universe, discerning on the dualism "Spirit and Matter".

      It is a merit of our time, through the volition of a higher consciousness that mankind was able to move forward with an enlightening revelation in the Physics science, the Relativistic Quantum Field Theory, which it is supposedly able to explain everything occuring in the known and imagined universe, even including the esoteric meanings encompassing the duality Spirit and matter, which they seem to depend so reciprocally, that one would not exist without the other.

      While mankind knowledge has grown exponentially through eras, it has mainly helped to overcome the material aspect of its existence, and although the human being has developed his body according to new environmental changes, he has also evolved an adequate mind to respond to all these transformations of which he is an integral part of, nevertheless despite any human advancement, the philosophical quest of the duality Spirit and matter remained undetermined .

      Some talented thinkers who discerned on such metaphysical duality, asked to them-self, is it the spiritual consciousness of the mind or maybe, as someone believed it, of the soul, which has sustained humanity through the existential hardship of his evolution, receiving spiritual strength and security to win the severe challenges given for its survival, it was indeed by experience along as well as with his innate spirituality, which distinguished the human being from the rest of the living creatures, the perfect supernatural key granted to humans to help them to achieve the scope of their mortal life.

      On one side, the concept of matter as part of such dualism, represents the reality of things, as your biological senses perceive it and can be sensibly picked it up from your physical consciousness, that can be a sound, a light, but cannot be a thought for instance, which even though it is born from the realm of oneself mind, it may be inspired from trascendental origins.

      So it appears that the matter is found on one side of the universe, which is shared with its consciousness and by knowing the secrets of one, will be possible to uncover also those found on the other side, a philosophical task somewhat lessen by the scientific development which corroborates this theoretical statement, nevertheless at the end of this discerning, the esoteric relation of the matter and the spiritual nature of the mind will persists furthermore, thanks to the clear spiritual representation it bares in the human life, where the mind is the shrine of the universal consciousness.

      It is a common misconception, to think of the mind as a supranatural entity which can give to somebody a psychic power, that is just the immaterial part of a more complex vital structure presents in the body of all living creature, called cerebrum, which must require an essential occult element to manifest supernatural characteristics bearing precise psychic abilities, that is a divine soul, which resides in the metaphysical realm of the consciousness and "sees" through the mind which is the human organ inclined by nature to sensory perceptions.

      A key instance of Spirituality and Matter dualism is meant in the psychic abilities shown by some mystics which make up the major disputed issue among sceptics, because it deals with an extreme application of one-self psychic power, being considered closer to imagination than a probable event, which is inclined to be mystified by the shallow awareness of people, I am speaking of the so called "Mind over Matter "power.

      The concept of Mind over Matter is simple, although it may be rhetorically interpreted in different ways depending on the relevance in which it applies, it is indeed the psychic power mostly dreamt to fulfill the ego of everybody, within its literary meaning, stay many colloquial senses, however its most common purpose concerns the myth of Spiritual power prevailing over the physical world .

      To elaborate further such fascinating intent, its typical aim is when solely by the mean of an intrinsic psychic ability, one-self is capable to alter the physical state of whatever constitutes real matter as it stands in time and space , including also living entities, that means ultimately, being able to change somewhat the original structure of such matter.

      It is obvious that we are not speaking here of a mere intellectual capacity with an IQ capable to move mountains, for the occurrence of such extraordinary event takes the gift of a psychic mind which has ties with the metaphysical plane, enabling it to render "miracles", that is, being capable to produce sensible events which cannot be explain by a conventional reasoning, as they show an evident phenomenal behaviour to be considered supernatural.

      The first accomplishment of this psychic power is considered the ability of one mind to gain control of others minds, this make up the most notorious aspect of the interaction Mind with Matter, where the matter intended here stands for all the natural laws which are broken in order to carry out such effort which fulfills the wildest fancies of people, because the idea to hold an absolute power over others will, without the mediation of third complements, is very enticing.

      However, beside the psychic occurrences recorded from to the ancient time, the psychic power of the mind over matter finds today a typical manifestation in psychokinetic, where the mind effort is manifested at its best, showing how an immaterial flux of energy projected by a psychic mind overwhelms the physical realm of matter in every way producing an evoking an effect of mysticism and psychism in the same time.

      Although some cases are taken as extreme, brought to the height of dramatization which cast in the eyes of the observer more doubts than certainty about psychic powers, recent scientific approaches on the potentials of the mind have given rather enthusiastic results to make the distance of mind over matter even closer.

      While the brain can be compared to a mere electrochemical plant, where thoughts are processed through electrical charges and chemical reactions, the mind is the controller, however with the sophisticated technology available now days it is possible to reproduce such control remotely by hooking up onto some sensory device, like the brain cap which it is supposedly able to pick up and convert the electrical stimulus of the brain into definite input.

      Such invention is looking ahead all right, but dosn't represent the real instance of mind over matter, because it doesn't engage the spiritual aspect of the mind, that give to the latter the supranatural power which would enable to run a computer without the need of an electronic bonnet, perhaps just a visual contact with a computer and it will start by it-self, nevertheless such biomedical device may stands as a further proof of the resourcefulness of the mental sphere confirming the intrinsic powers it holds.

      After the first insight the human being made upon himself he became aware of being a special creature within the biosphere, who felt the demand to name whatever came in contact with one of his natural senses, forming so the dawn of the human consciousness, which during its evolution it has helped mankind to decide the history of his development, been traditionally a task reserved to privileged ones, while people felt conscientiously to attribute to the mind the essential spirit with an universal role offered by the boundless intellectual capacity it showed.

      One way to discern the spirituality of the mind with the materialistic universe, was to commit oneself faith to the physical extreme to reach a perception of absolute consciousness where the mind prevailed as pure entity enabling itself to enshrine a divine power capable to dominate all the things, that was very appealing for god fearing people, and eventually such idea became ill convincing and fateful.

       Although the dualism of Mind and Matter has deeply involved thinkers of all times, in actuality it remains not more than a mere assumption because its reference has not produced any practical decision in the destiny of humanity, which endures its existence by functional ups and downs without blaming the spiritual side of its Mind.

       Only the miracles of Christ made a break-through in the consciousness of people, in fact this holiest figure, didn't limit himself to show an evident psychic ability, he also manifested a divine power he received from the metaphysical universe, making him the most charismatic omen of history and the first documented interaction between a psychic power and matter.

      It is a clear fact that the mind bares more versatile features respect the matter, which beside its essential cognitive faculty, it doesn't to share the same physical resistance, however in the quest for the universal balance of this dualism, as decreed by the principles shared by all human philosophy, the ultimate element which determine the most sensible reasoning is to account the divine nature of the soul.

      The soul is the spiritual intermediary emanated from the supranatural universe which through a psychic mind has the divine faculty to interact with the matter, in fact, a psychic who bears within himself such power, has an unequivocal faith on his own consciousness, whatever it reveals, even in primitive cultures, where the supernatural is generally interpreted as magic, one will acknowledge without other conclusion a divine implications of such event and will awe it.

      Indeed the metaphysical domain which bore the transcendence of the duality mind and matter, where also the divine soul resides being accessible to self-reveal to the psychic consciousness through a subtle perception, such mystical condition give away the spiritual background to perform an authentic psychic event which will find hard a rationalization from any expected logic.

      It is misconception to think of the soul as a simple extension of the mind, because such inference implies just an abstract idea not appropriate for a supernatural nature, actually the soul is the solely supreme mean able to let the way to the divine threshold, which thanks to the benign spirituality of mankind, everybody is entitle to have, however not for everybody are true mystical qualities needed to bear a psychic power.

      The esoteric dualism of mind and matter includes the possibility of the soul, which is manifested through the spiritual consciousness, but on the other hand, it can be reduced to a mere materialistic formula unless one is able to transcend the mind to recognize and entwine such supreme metaphysical entity, which renders a psychic event coherent to people faith.

      Ultimately a psychic mind may perform extraordinary events in the material reality of the world with the only mean of a divine soul emanated from a metaphysical power which doesn't give the impression to be just the tool of a psychic to produce amusement,, it is a supernatural matrix born from an universal casuistic with the scope to leave some kind of coded message to humanity.

      Outside the relevance of a phenomenon such as to control the matter with the solely capacity of the mind, being of course, expressed in relativistic terms, It stays in his human conscience the acceptance of the message as mentioned above, which should not be missed as it may bear the answer for those philosophical quandaries on the nature of man, remain unresolved.

      In conclusion, there are numerous practical phenomena in the world which may recall the incidental occurrence of a psychic power over matter usually being labeled as inexplicable, however the constant upgrading of the natural system, which mankind is an essential part of it, should advise to observe closely the phenomena to be aware distinctively of what the dualism mind and matter could evince in the human consciousness.

      To finish a rhetoric metaphor: although it cannot be considered as the interaction of psychic power over matter, an ideal representation is given in a common human situation, where the intelligence of man is able to prevail in the challenge with brutal force efficaciously, showing that mind control may bring forth winning ideas which are superior to the physical strength of the adversary.