The relativity theory teaches that the reality of things is not always what one expects, in fact a deep introspection in the soil of matter reveals us a whole new situation, as watching a sub-atomic state, that world changes under our eyes in a mysterious way, when atomic electrons move position as they are sighted by a viewer, although that is a verifiable from an advanced physics laboratory, scientists and students are aware of such matter behavior which inspires many spiritualists to think that the universe as we know it exists only by conscious observer.

      The first psychosensitive experience of oneself being is about the consciousness he bears in mind of sharing the some plane of the supernatural realm, implying he is able to interact with a world found beyond the static reality of the appearances, exchanging in symbiosis with its vital energy the subtle flow of his aura, followed together by the ancestral symbols which identify the universal alchemy inherent to his animate life, from these high perceptions he opens a psychic dialogue with the domain of nature, which encircles of course the human spirituality.

       However also the immanence of a non-human nature is capable to send esoteric messages which the supernatural awareness of a psychic is able to receive and interpret, although they are inconsistent by any universal language they will serve to accrue his local awareness, thankful on the vibrations of his aura it reaches outward inanimate things to spirit onto them a virtual soul, discernible perhaps only to a psychic consciousness which makes however an actual reference of the message he grasp about it.

      I mentioned this particular episode of emotional self-awareness as it occurred to myself, offering me as the actor and witness, the premise of my psychosensitive pathway, it is relevant because it deals closely to the context of this essay, it illustrates in a practical way the model of an ideal psychical experience where the power of the supernatural is being able to counterpoise matter by intervening on its elementary nature even modifying its formal arrangement rendering it sentients, thus proving its elemental force and how it is capable to impact with the material universe.

      However a psychic or paranormal occurrence it is not necessarily only related to the outward effect of the psychic power emanated from a psychosensitive being, it can be just an individual story, as demonstrated by the fact that it may happen in the life of everybody to be protagonist of an unexpected episode, sometime even inexplicable without being aware of, if it was only veiled under the shadow of an emotion or an unexpected chance, however being involved with this esoteric circumstance allows one to learn how a psychic ability behave in the material scene, that knowledge will carry joy into the mind for the high awareness perceived and for the privilege of being personally testimony of an out-of-this-world experience.

       The sensitivity of a psychosensitive being goes beyond that of a highly sensitive person having the mind inspired by the intuition of the higher consciousness of a supernatural plane, which interface the layers of the human auric background, while it distinguishes his spiritual background, one is bound to become turned on by his psychic nature when the sub-consciousness of his mind will eventually undergo a process of spiritual awakening, yelding out from the foundation of his soul the vibrating energy of a new being with the key to open himself inner life.

      He enjoys of certain psychic privileges, as being able to interact with the world consciousness through the spiritual transcendence being offered by a deep meditation and other mystical rites, receiving in return perceptions and insights not available to the grasp of common people, which are able to define superior senses and the determination of the will power, to deliver outward oneself their volition choices by the grace of a whisper , although everybody has potentially a psychic sense non all have the fortune to have a chance to develop it, they just have it latent, that is a gift which one bears since young age but it takes some work of mind to grow as together with the body.

     The most compelling aspect of a supernatural power is given through the psychic abilities and the different way they manifest on the material plane, depending upon their singular behavior which stands above the human comprehension, they may be not easy to identify in quality and effect, as for some psychosensitive being is an individual matter that he feel to keep this existential fact as the ultimate reality one must bear with naturally, however considering the background of the human sentient sphere which recondite aspects are still an indefinite science, we can speak of a highly sensitive syndrome when a person tends to manifest the same psychic patterns which characterize a super-nature, and they can be recognized within a classification made upon known psychic abilities, which start from the most recurring as clear ESP to all other fascinating forms which are mind boggling for any observer who witness the phenomenon.

       supernatural experience means not just astonishing wonders that a psychosensitive or medium is able to perform for a curious audience, it involves a psychical process which starts first of all from the empathy of the psychic consciousness, being tied to the spiritual nature of the universe, this relationship may accord the perceptions of the human state of mind and its emotions, however it weighs essentially the sense of self-confidence a psychosensitive feels on the supernatural faith on which he relies for the consistency of his psychic ability to produce the expected outcome, it may be a fatal rush for the soul when the intimate feeling living inner oneself is confronted with the unresponsive reality of his own world.

      Dreaming is a biological function which distinguishes mankind from all sentient creatures, therefore only the human mind may experience a supernatural event when during the state of sleeping, the door of its sub-conscious opens to the astral world, over that virtual threshold one is bound to meet the souls and the mental dynamics which belong to the world consciousness, while this door is partially open for some, it can be widely open for a psychosensitive empath, which allows the transit of the emotions wandering in this psychical network to realize in his self-consciousness, it is a universe of esoteric symbols indeed, however it is also the reflection of a living reality, made of people, things and the feelings they vibrate, which form a sensible story altogether, however it may become an uncomfortable nightmare to the mind when at the crepuscular horizon of sleeping his consciousness may enter in conflict with the contradictory forces of awful minds which are ever present in the existential context of humanity.

      All psychosensitive beings or more generally called true psychics, appertains to a universal family, inspired by the same cosmic consciousness, however individual abilities depends upon some astral affinity which is given in the moment of the biological conception, becoming fundamental for the entire existence, the bearer of this supernatural gift should envisage some moral bonds to honor the divine light which has radiated the event, by keeping high esteem for such unique spiritual endowment and a natural respect for the mind being its organic shrine, both functions will help the bearer to find his intended psychic development together with the actual awareness of the power it represents, which for some could mean the dawn of a psychical existence where every day brings the occurrence of a new supernatural experience, the discovery of a life which makes a perfect sense, for others it is only matter of browsing a good book, received from a friendly hand, where one can learn the first approach to psychism.

      One mind may grasp the awareness of a psychic experience occurring at some moment in its existence, for it renders a natural sense of expanded consciousness, as that being caused by some drogue, however without the intrapsychic weight of the biochemical action from a synthetical molecule, thus producing a psychodynamic lift able to realize thoughts and ideas which in appearance they recall more the concern of psychiatry than the subject for new esoteric revelations, actually the mind is boarding to an undisclosed level of consciousness, and the deep state of super-reality holds visions which are not readily balanced in the mind of everybody, as verbal communication become the idiomatic language of a supernatural event, manifesting its spiritual essence.

      The experience of a supernatural event may also occur under the guide of an astral incidence, a circumstance which an unaware observer may oversight, being not able to identify the imaginary pattern beyond the event and its emotional aura, this episode is evolving from an inclined sub-consciousness onto the plane of synchronicity which occupies the subtle world of the quanta, being able as well to manifest a wind of scent to characterize this uncaused chance , this concept contemplates events inter-connected by their inner context, bound to find the true definition of their occurrence, in the psychosensitive consciousness which recognize these symbols as immanent to its self.

      Consequently one can infer that in any moment of a psychic being existence the manifestation of his power may occur also spontaneously without a conscious intention from his mind just relying on the feelings delivered from the resonance of some exceptional circumstance going on in some part of the universe which vibration is conveyed to the extrasensory perception of his mind, although the occurrence of such event tends to stay just within the personal awareness, without taking a more decisive discernment about it, it is a frequent paranormal episode in the human life, however he responds emotionally according to the intensity of the psychic experience he is becoming aware of, the stronger is the sensation the more vivid appears in his mind the event.

      A psychic experience is given openly to the psychosensitive consciousness from the relationship it shares with the universal nature, which is the mother of all creations, upon this parental link a psychic being who has developed the ability of a natural healer, has access to its spiritual realm, from where he retrieves the energy to balance the deficiency of the human health and furthermore, that of all living creatures, this healing art has a renown reputation also among some medical institutions which recognize, regardless the supernatural implications, the beneficial application of a psychic experience which help also the mind to expand its consciousness

      It is notable that the manifested abilities of a true psychosensitive carry the character of the personality who bear them, in fact it takes the consciousness of a model archetype to connect with the supernatural realm and to draw its favors he applies on a personal vocation by which it is able to render excellent achievement, however while it takes natural powerful people to carry out performances which involve strength and energy, less physically engaging are the deeds accomplished by other people, whom are bearing sophisticated abilities which implies an intelligent personality, in any case their will power emerges unfailing when it is the mind that demands the stake, some have mastered well their psychic gift thus to receive appreciation not only for its universal power but also for the life mission undertaken on behalf of the supreme consciousness which granted it.

      The human sentient faculty is capable to experience a psychic rapture, when the physical body gains a state of self-soundness rising its level of sensitivity by a condition of physiological integrity which is essential for the superior functions of the mind to improve mindfulness and being biasfree from mundane thinking, as for meditator who find ecstasy in their spiritual transcendence, upon such fascinating state of being the consciousness sphere of the mind expand its psychosensitive aura and its ability to convey outward a psychosensory flow of higher intensity.

       yoga meditation is dedicated other than helping the body stamina, also to apply to the spirituality, balancing the chakras and the auras which essentially they constitute the cardinal centers of the spiritual sphere, however it is in the deep phase of samadi that the meditator enter in a real psychic experience when his mind reaches the stage of a sensory levitation, concentrating in its consciousness all his psychosensitive potential, thus transcending oneself to the astral plane, this is the spiritual moment when the psychic consciousness, brings about the communion of the ethereal body with the divine light of Ajna.

      Dreaming is a natural human event inherent to obscure dimensions of the consciousness, however it is not to be considered a psychic experience as long as it stays within the boundary of a normal mind activity occurring in its sub-conscious while the physical body is sleeping, however if the process of dreaming is observed in the presence of a psychic consciousness one must be aware of all its precognitive aspects as visions projected in one-self mind, the psychic experience is produced when the state of dreaming become a communication channel of the mind with the crepuscular psyche of the world.

      The inconvenient or distasteful inspiration of bad dreams, creates sub-conscious emotions also in the sphere of the psychic consciousness, being capable to cause the mind to feel their disquietude, such psychic experience may reverberate within the mind till it is sublimed as the consciousness regain its day attention, from this common experience one must convene that although the mind is a capable instrument to alter the threshold of consciousness, it is vulnerable to the imaginary domain of sleeping.

      A psychic experience is represented altogether by the psychosensitive behavior of my psycholinguistic ability, in the acustic form of a hissing background in the voice, which let the mind to access to a whole new level of perceptions where feelings and emotions associate with a real psychosensory occurrence, this idiomatic empathy constitute the sources of intuitions, casting its affinity of ESP, telepathy clairsentience etc, within the psychosensitive influence it radiates, which is the medium serving to implement oneself power to perform supernatural events.