The universe is the mystical house of supernatural events, and by chance as psychical being I am able to confirm it from the moment its manifestation self-revealed in my existence, I am therefore a coincidental believer in the higher of all consciousness inspired from the supernatural realm, nevertheless my mind hold a precise rationale about it, mainly because such important actuality of myself needs to find coherence to exist within the universal constitution, which comprises with the consciousness of my mind, the matter of my physical body.
Nevertheless I am a human creation, bearing the same physiological characteristics of every member of mankind, except in the mind, which spirit holds an individual feature, although I am aware that to speak about this intimate subject is controversial by the science because it has not been able to prove its dependability in the system of nature, we are used to, although modern physics has made a great progress toward the discovery of its incident with an unknown consciousness by the perplexing manifestations it yields onto the real world, which let to further the knowledge of the universe.
With the quanta field occupying the macrocosmic extreme of the universe, as the microcosmos in the other, It let to envisage the prospect of a parallel consciousness in control of the existence of the nature itself, although that raises some speculations which advance physics to unthinkable limits, however just for the sake of science it gives a theoretical reason on the status quo of its existence and the dynamics it bears, but in the end of any discernment, it is evident that the supernatural realm transcend the physics horizons embraced so far.
In the probability that the whole of the universal consciousness holds a relationship with the quanta, it is a mere reflection of the supernatural, which fundamental function, is found within its spirituality, the awe for the latter has led to many ideological misconception in the history of mankind, attributing to the incidental events it manifested on the actual ground of the human existence, ancestral significations and divinatory symbols, which brought to biased beliefs, compromising the true meaning of nature for itself and its spiritual essence.
Physics science has given to humanity some definite comprehensive laws made upon the observation of how nature behaves, assuming that the universe must be made of the same matter, however it is possible that more laws will be formulated, as science progresses toward a direction which apparently it points to a common denominator, to allow a feasible explanation of the cosmic hierarchy, starting from the primordial constitution of the universe, which energy survive forever, making all the things to happen consistently with the immanent consciousness of the universal realm.
In fact, it is found in the nature itself the primary product of this transcendent power, which involves as well the human consciousness, and although it dwells at a lower energetic plane, it is an active witness of its dynamic existence, and in sympathetic relation with the spirit of an outer realm, it draws inspiration from its favor, to fulfill some supernatural disposition as the entanglement with the universal energy, which the special quality of oneself mind may exercise upon a psychical control.
Of all sentient beings, it is a prerogative of mankind consciousness to recognize the manifestations of the supernatural energy acting on the nature found within its mind scope, however a psychical mind is spontaneously liable to establish a spiritual unity with, to even and interpret its inherent meaning, asserting its spiritual power to counterpoise the apparent strength of the matter, intervening on the formal arrangement of its elementary nature, rendering a sensitive field to its universal constitution to behave as close relative to a higher whole.
However not all the events from the supernatural realm are keen to be recorded within the human awareness, as most of the phenomena occurring in the universe are being classified as imponderable, of which is not possible to discern the energy they emanated, because the random chance of their location does not allow a learning experience, although their effect, which leave behind a clear reverberation in the space-time field, it may be overwhelming, evoking an otherworldly event, certainly amenable to the supernatural.
Being the mind the resolving center of all the sensory information coming from the sentient being, it elaborates them through a quantum field inherent the particles of its matter, which is particularly endurable by the ability of a psychical mind to entangle with the supernatural realm, soliciting its power to manifest, with the akin frequency of this field, the effective result of its involvement will alter the appearance of the sub-stratum of the matter, changing somewhat its assets to an involute form depending on the supernatural energy put in use.
To evoke a supernatural kind of event, which bears high universal energy, it involves the consistent yearning of a psychical generator, able to interface its outer dimension, with the natural confidence inspired from the affinity of his mind with the resonance persisted in the supernatural field, in synchronism with its spiritual energy, his consciousness will enlighten of appreciation, expanding its wisdom to reach out the ascendant, which has instilled this gift in his life.
As philosophy discerns the existential differentiation between the supernatural and metaphysics, as ideal of universal consciousness, I wish to state my personal view regarding the status quo of these two fundaments of the human science, which have to my mind a precise ontological collocation, based on my inference about a monistic whole of universal consciousness which extends different levels of energy, through space and time, nevertheless, I consider metaphysics the philosophy which concerns the depth of universal nature while the supernatural realm is about the primordial scope of its spiritual energy.
Ergo, supernatural events remains real in their substance versus the virtual reliability of reasoning carried by metaphysic studies, being full of concepts but without dependable references, which accepts the universal realm as the subliminal consciousness of all things as immanently created, which existence is a mere reflection of its continuum in a four dimensional space, where it find collocation also the supernatural realm.
The pulse of the supernatural realm is clearly manifested in the known and unknown planes of the universe, entangling its matter in diversified ways , although the power of its effect, brings among the human consciousness, some misrepresentations, which falsely materialized in the mind of who earned credence from interpreting its occurrence to startled witnesses , whom unaware of its universal bearing are not able to distinguish the inherent energy of a supernatural event from a normal act of nature, although this kind of extramundane experience has being repeatedly revealed by many psychical beings during history.
Yet, without an aware reference, the observation of supernatural manifestations began to concern mankind existence, although its effect was cited as occurrence of uncanny phenomena, especially for who minded the mysticism represented by the unknown manifestations of the world, and sought to speculate the spiritual susceptibility of that time, beginning to carry out mediumship and other paranormal activities which eventually it let to develop an actual cult toward the supernatural.
I think that paranormal is a reduced concept of the supernatural realm, which represent the scope of various psychical abilities, but also the human superstition which profiting from the common fear of occult, accept their practice to perform dark magic and some form of extreme healing, just by holding a high power of suggestion depending on the rituals and the alchemy used for the accomplishment they intend, ineptly some of these paranormal applications depend more on psychical weakness then on a supernatural transposition of energy.
II am not concerned in this moment to advance this digest into the activities associated to paranormal, preternatural or mediumship, which addresses anyway the supernatural realm for their spiritual causes, when, its consciousness has been assumed as the absolute context to support the human faith, which casual manifestations would hadn’t other explanation than the revelation of its universal existence, being clearly divinized by highlighting the aura of the psychical beings as traditionally depicted in some historical documents.
Without the presumption to confront the science of physics at the level of the esoteric philosophy, it is a certain fact that its actual knowledge is limited when must explain per se, events which transcend the functions of the matter being realized up this moment , however leaving the possibility to verify further the behavior of its inherent energy, considering the supernatural realm as an extra dimension of universal energy, it will supersedes the most evolved physics laws when it will be required to define instantaneous communications, from one side to another of the universe of ideas or even matter, it would mean more than physics evolution, it would make the universal consciousness divine.
From the observation on the casualty of supernatural events, it shows a pattern of behavior in relation of whomever and whatever evokes the rendition of its inherent power, in the first place when the human consciousness inspires the cause, which by nature occupying a plane of higher energy in the universal consciousness, it holds the privilege to reach out for the equanimous disposition of the supernatural realm in conceding its influential power to the appeal of the psychical beings, while his mind aura, vibrates the compelling pledge for its request.
Meeting the condition of the supernatural, it will likely respond manifesting its energy over matter, depending upon the intermediary ability of a psychical being or from some imponderable cosmic event , which singular effect can only concede to the sense of the mind, standing beyond the human knowable, for it has not a unit of measure to define it qualitatively or quantitatively, but being the ultimate reality of the supernatural existence which impressive omen is materialized before the eyes of the world.
To conclude this digest of spontaneous reflections about the supernatural realm, sparked in my mind as being directly involved with its context, I like to refer to its virtual energy, in relation to mankind which depends on its essence, being delivered on its existence for its benefit, whence without, it would expose its vulnerability to the law of the matter, although it is a free endowment for all beings, it is subject to fluctuations which effects may resent the whole universe, breaking the occult balance it holds.