The psycholinguistic emphasis

     Among the psychosensitive abilities of Antesensus, its primary evidence is meant by a prominent idiomatic feature, found within the cognitive sphere of my mind, that is a clear psycholinguistic manifestation revealed through a vibrating emphasis within the phonetical background of the spoken language, particularly accented in the diction of certain soft consonants, resulting in a high sibilant resonance, which modulation depend on oneself mind application.

     This individual phonetic accentuation which imprints a compelling pitch in the verbalization, is represented in psycholinguistics as part of a speech perception called generally fricative effect, however holding the essential difference that while on a physiological frication such phonetic vibration is produced by an altered position of the vocal anatomy, in Antesensus its modulation is directly imposed by mind will, which compel the sibilant frequency in the speech as oneself natural idiomatic utterance.

      Being a function of the mind, It relies on the sensible expertize of a psychologist to identify its cognitive implication and to associate it to oneself mind rendition, this document has not the pretense to investigate scientifically in the neurolinguistics mechanism of its idiomatic physiology, it is only meant to represent the effects that its psychoenergy dynamic produce outward onto the human communication and the ability of its perception to correspond empathy to sentient minds.

      If such phonetical emphasis was just an individual ability, it would likely mean nothing else than a refined idiomatic accent associated to a genetically origin, however, the most salient aspect of this event, revealed from the psychical consciousness of AnteSensus, is represented by the latter psychoenergy ability to be exchanged as well onto the receptive circumstances found within the influence of Antesensus psychosensitive aura, thus affecting by this excellent psycholinguistic pattern every voice communication, naturally uttered or broadcasted.

      The synergy of the sibilant effect from myself psycholinguistic ability, meant in a human circumstance as described above, is essentially a mind to mind PSI experience, where the vibrant idiom of Antesensus conveys its empathetic awareness to sentient recipients, which reproducing the psycholinguistic effect, the mind will feel with instinctual satisfaction the inner emotion it evinces, enjoying the spiritual enhancement from the psychodynamic energy it carries, in some context this immanent extrasensitive relation with the universal consciousness, will arouse a beneficial care of the mind which finds in its special sensation a healing purpose.

      You may read, in some reference shown on this web site, this phonetic emphasis being named colloquially simply hissing based on its sibilant effect within the human voice, which perception modulate its listening with a fine intellectual interpretation to suit the senses of the mind, as an idiomatic feature of Antesensus, it constitutes the extrasensory concept of his consciousness, bearing a natural propensity toward the spirit of an universal creation, as the soft connotation of the hissing evokes, which being properly harmonized in a linguistic context it renders awareness to the speech.

    The hissing vibration expressed by the psycholinguistic ability of Antesensus, with the psychoenergy it bears, finds its best definition for the mind application in artistic functions, in relation to the intellectual value it renders to live performances, this solution is proven by the esthetics reverberation in the voice background of the artist, within a suggestive dimension, which support a clever interpretation of oneself mind, marking the intensity of the production from the special emotional empathy of the artist.

    The compelling effect of the hissing perception, besides rendering a blissful energy to the performer as well as to the listener, it enables the mind of whom connect with its synergy to feel the magic awareness of Antesensus, being in sympathy with the plane of consciousness, especially construed from a selected cultural context where it is possible to characterize the linguistic background, to suit the universal empathy of Antesensus psycholinguistic feature.

      Through its highly idiomatic perception, the psychoenergy ability of Antesensus, conveys a psychodynamic effect to enhances oneself speech behavior with a distinctive linguistic traits, favoring with its mind feedbacks oneself intellectual mindfulness, lastly, the event of sharing its synergy offers in itself the actual momentum of a supernatural experience, however being very real and appealing to every sentient mind to live on, letting its appreciation without comparison for imagining it.

      The extraordinary ability of the psycholinguistic idiom delivered by Antesensus, it allows the normal availability of its synergy going parallel to its psychosensory effect, rendering possible the natural interaction with all human receivers of its psychosensitive influence, however it finds an absolute verification of its actual involvement with the supernatural realm when the hissing effect is manifested by the action of my mind toward pre-recorded voices played on mechanical devices that I have actually access to.

     It is undeniable for artistic sake the natural vocation of the psycholinguistic emphasis in the background of the voice when this idiomatic feature renders as matter of fact a special feeling in the performance of the artist, as already mentioned about its application in various instances where the voice is the primary function of the production , as for songs or plays which may requires an extra theatrical impression in the recitation, let alone the vocal harmonization in a chorus, where the sibilant emphasis will be stressed at unison pitch, creating a suggestive contextual effect to suit its solemn listening, thus manifesting in the synergy which has taken place between the idiomatic value of this psycholinguistic feature.

      Having acknowledged the acoustic quality of the idiomatic hissing as being the major feature of the psycholinguistic development from Antesensus psychosensitivity, one must also to render to such effect the virtue of being a medium of human communication which conveys within its perception the spirit of the universal consciousness, which beside further ontological considerations, not less significant within the matter of its psychical position in the supernatural realm ultimately it offers an opportunity to unfold new perspectives in the humanistics as well in the natural science.


Hissing perception test

     I have included within this page some samples of the psycholinguistic emphasis taken in different spoken circumstances, under the direct psychosensitive influence of Antesensus, which present other than the sound of the idiomatic feature its psychoenergy perception,, by this set of tests one should be able to grasp the feeling of the synergy which resonate in the media background, it is only an audio recording however there are not special devices to control the taking, except the power of Antesensus physical aura. The test is divided in three samples..

      The first sample is the recording of my own voice, while I am commenting a generic text, you will recognize clearly in my speech the vibrant high pitch which emphasizes the phonetic of the soft consonants.

      The second sample is taken at a conference with different people speaking under the synergic interaction of Antesensus, manifesting the hissing vibration on their voice while discerning freely about the subject of their concern.

     On the last sample I have recorded some voice broadcasted from radio and tv, which I have taken directly at the loud speaker, manifesting the psycholinguistic perception just for itself, your senses may detect also the compelling synergy in the media background.

The above spectrogram clearly shows that the hissing has a strong concentration of energy above about 4000 Hz
Viewed by a sound spectrogram,the hissing is represented by a higher pitch frequency in the sound wave