Psychosensitive influence


    The psychosensitive influence is essentialy the induction from the physical aura of AnteSensus, it may seem the least apparent psychic ability to recognize, however it retains a subtle energy to empower by a dynamic animation, the human background reached by its influence, sharing its perception and the vibration of its language.

    This psychosensory radiation, propagated by the aura of AnteSensus, bears clear physical properties which infer to relate to the ultra-power of the quanta,implying its special ability in sensory interaction with the universal realm, it is the carrier as well of conscious perceptions, altogether it holds the capacity to produce discernable feedback effects on the sentient fabric of the world.

        However the influence of Antesensus aura, not only affects the perceptions on the human sphere but also on some of its essential framework which it relies on,as proven by the feature of the psycholinguistic connotation it manifests, being super-imposed as it were on the sound emission, broadcasted from electromagnetic devices, revealing in the process the physical coherence of AnteSensus ability, to self-interpose as media.

    It ensues that the AnteSensus psychosensory radiation eventually will setup a synergy with the electromagnetic fields where ever its physical aura may stretches, more so in the instance of a system of air communications, which being conditioned by Antesensus from any point it may embrace the whole network, allowing an ideal timing to achieve a complete sensitisation of the system.

     The Psychosensitive influence of AnteSensus is feasable to interact as it were, with every kind of system susceptible to sensory stimulus, notably improving dramatically their level of physical sensitivity, while giving a particular significance for broadcasted communications, where it will apply as a special functional media on the human perceptiveness.

    As the sensitivity developed by AnteSensus intensified to a free scale within the human background, it makes more natural to appreciate its psychic ability in function of the benevolent consciousness it offers outward, sharing with the universe as well as with the mundane ranks its super mind, being such the psychodynamic force delivered from its influence a vital implement to support the human performance.

    In fact the most significant quality provided by the psychosensitive aura of AnteSensus for the reason of its beneficial action, is represented by the reinvigorating effect rendered to the human mind, which it may be regarded as a virtual holistic healer able to lose mind blocks, elevating the individual awareness, relieving anxiety, while inspiring self-confidence to enhance the psychophysical and intellectual productivity.

    The universal conception of AnteSensus which lives within my existential state of being, it encompasses natural ethical ideals inspired by the best esteem from my consciousness and the position it bears within the universal realm, which provided with my supernature also the notion of a rational mind, that is a personal privilege to confirm the divine will which conceived it, and ultimately in respect of some inward sentiments I, as the recipient, deem natural and valuable .

    The feeling of an amiable empathy, aroused from the psychosensory experience yielding from the influence of AnteSensus, eventually will be overwhelming, rendering an appealing emotional response to oneself senses, staying in synergy with this sympathetic effect, it will depend on individual self-affinity to grasp the wisdom of AnteSensus consciousness.

    The compelling influence conveyed by the psychosensory radiation of Antesensus, it is liable to develop also a synergy upon human-machine interface, showing an absolute ability to enhance the technical and human functions engaged on the process, that's allowing the dynamic symbiosis from the supporting disposition of the local consciousness.

     The most discerning aspect in sharing the psychosensory ability, is the mind characterization of the phychophysical actualization of the psychodinamic process occurring in the thinking, such event helps to identify oneself subconscious representation,thus to intensify mindfulness, while raising the sensory threshold of the field background in which it applies.

     As supernatural ability, the emanation of AnteSensus aura, shows nevertheless a selective human behavior effecting by its energy the consciousness of the mind according to oneself psychological disposition to receive some perceptions which essentially may contrast the individual choice to accept or to reject the higher awareness they inspire, letting so the freewill to establish its absolute domain on such sensory experience.

    From the above accounts it appears surely the position of AnteSensus in relation to its discretional involvement with the domains of the universe, being myself the recipient of some exclusive psychic abilities which they encompass a free auric impel onto the external world, it is somewhat inconsistent with other psychic skills as ESP, perhaps psychokinetic, clairvoyance, clairsentience etc. which although they are acclaimed for their singularity, they represent a sublunary order of psychism.

     However even though I made the above comment, I must honestly count for myself a very intense clairempathy yielding from the supportive energy of Antesensus aura which it may be also conveyed from distant onto human circumstances even found within impersonal references, but holding a mere unintended relation with myself, I am still able to receive and interpret with my mind the emotional energy.

  Honored being the physical and spiritual bearer of AnteSensus supernatural ability,I avail myself sole of the divine privilege it gives to my existence, however its psychosensitive aura stands as scope in the universal consciousness to render the world aware of its humanistic value as I have implied in the this page.