Psychosensitive influence


   The psychosensitive influence introduces the main PSI ability of Antesensus, which psychical aura extend outward an effective psychosensory field, which physical action is sympathetic to electromagnetism, although it may seem the least apparent psychic ability to recognize, it retains a subtle energy able to empower the human background reached by its influence, locally as well remotely, enhancing the perception of the mind and the vibration of its language.

    The psychosensory radiation, propagated from the AnteSensus aura, carries the compelling ability of its psychoenergy, which infers to relate to the supernatural power of the quanta, within its sensory entanglement with the universal matter, as well as being the recipient of its spiritual consciousness, altogether it holds the capacity to produce discernable effects on the sensible fabric of the world.

        However the psychoenergy of Antesensus, not only affects the mind perceptions of the sentient being but also the performance of his utilitarian system which is complementary to his life, proven by the resonance of its major ability, meant by the psycholinguistic emphasis it manifests, super-imposing its energy on the electromagnetic fields developed by the current communication systems, which may assume as well its interaction with the universal fields altogether, revealing by this event the coherence of the AnteSensus aura, to function as a special media.

    It ensues that the psychoenergy emanated from AnteSensus will like to build a psychosensitive synergy within the field reached out by its influence, more so, if advanced by a system of communication which inherent sympathy allows the symbiosis from the human receiver to the field, such conditioning will bring eventually the synergetic effect to embrace the whole system, thus helping it to achieve a functional sensible awareness for the advantage of all related.

    The Psychosensitive influence of AnteSensus has the ability to interact in a subtle however manifestly way with every kind of system susceptible to sensory stimulus, from human to electronic, notably improving dramatically their level of physical sensitivity, giving a particular significance for broadcasted communications, where it will apply its special functional media on the human perceptiveness.

    As the synergy developed by AnteSensus intensified to a free scale within the human background, it makes more natural to appreciate this psychic ability in reason of the universal consciousness it inspires outward from the sake of its aura , sharing with the universe as well as with its mundane status the psychodynamic force delivered from its super mind as vital implement to support the human performance.

    A significant ability provided by the psychosensitive influence of AnteSensus is about its healing action, represented by the relief it renders to the weary mind, as a tonic effect to be regarded as a virtual holistic healer able to lose its blocks, elevating the individual self-awareness, curbing anxiety, while inspiring self-confidence to enhance the psychophysical and intellectual productivity.

    The psychical conception of AnteSensus which lives within its psychosensitive influence, it conveys ethical ideals from the natural inspiration of the universal consciousness and the position it bears within the supernatural realm, which blessed my immanent state of being its notion of systemic balance, that is a personal privilege to confirm the divine will which conceived it, and ultimately in respect of some inward sentiments I, as the recipient, deem natural and valuable.

    The psychosensitive influence of Antesensus offers wherever within the boundary of its field a feeling of an amiable empathy, aroused from its psychosensory involvement, eventually it will be overwhelming for oneself senses, by yielding an appealing emotional response to the mind, staying in synergy with this sympathetic effect, it will depend on individual self-affinity to grasp the wisdom of the worldly experience it manifests.

    The psychosensitive influence of Antesensus embodied the compelling radiation of its psychosensory ability, which it helps to build the synergy in a human-machine system, showing the factual advantage to enhance the technical and human functions engaged in the process, that's allowing the dynamic symbiosis with the supporting disposition of the local awareness.

     One discerning aspect of the psychosensitive influence sharing its psychosensory action, is being able to actualize the self-awareness of the mind, arousing the psychophysical energy of the psychodynamic response occurring in thinking, which is manifested outward as a modulated vibration in oneself speech, such psycholinguistic pattern helps to identify the contextual representation of the state of mind meant in that process, while intensifying oneself mindfulness.

    the field of its psychosensitive influence, being essentially constituted from the Antesensus psychical aura, although it is projected spontaneously outward from myself being it shows a selective human behavior conveying within its energy, the mind feelings of myself consciousness, which psychodynamic effect is conditioned to the psychological disposition to home in oneself mind the will of its perception which may contrast the individual choice to support the higher awareness it inspires, letting so the conscious discretion to define the absolute check to accept or to reject the compliance.

    From the above accounts it appears clear the position of AnteSensus in relation to its natural involvement with the supernatural realm, being myself the recipient of some exclusive psychic abilities which they entangle a spiritual relation with the external world of my mind, although they appears by effects and consciousness, inconsistent with some other psychic skills of mediumship,which although they are acclaimed for their singularity, they represent a sublunary order of psychism.

     However even though I made the above comment, I must honestly count for myself a very intense clairempathy ability, yielding from the psychosensitive influence of Antesensus aura which it may reach out for remote human circumstances, even found beyond personal references, and material boundaries, but holding a mere unintended relation with myself, I am able to perceive and interpret with my mind the emotional energy they release.

     Feeling deeply honored for being the physical and spiritual bearer of AnteSensus supernatural event, I avail myself sole of the divine privilege it gives to my existence, where my psychosensitive influence stands in the scope of the universal consciousness which humanistic meaning, is part of a large message found within the realm of its infinite wisdom, nevertheless open to the world to read.