Metaphysical rising




Although they are surrounded by controversial fame, it is possible to refer about psychical people in human history, thanks to the ephemeral traces left behind everywhere from the the facts produced by their supernatural power, they lived and operated, sometime completely unaware of their self-nature, they where however conscious of the eclectic behavior of their own mind, bearing the inner feeling of being the sacred recipient of a divine gift.

Some ancient philosophers felt even inspired from their psychic manifestations which was making for them an ideal subject to pursue dialectically through extensive dissertations on the aspects of the mind, soul and consciousness, but never reaching conclusions which represent the idea of psychism as it is conceived today, as a matter of fact, magic was the common cause attributed to psychic events which eventually helped to reinforce myths and legends.

It was indeed during this past era, that the myth of the gods which lived in a pagan pantheon allowed people to believe that the performances of the psychic ability were commanded by them as it was natural to assume the intervention of a supreme entity if one possessed benign psychic powers which could use to serve the general welfare.

Obviously history cannot recall psychic events which has not records of with the exception of those passed on hearsay which may be unreliable to attend to, but it has the memory for those popular occurrences which had produced so much public echo to make them worth to be cited by local historians.

To Image the relevance of a psychic being living before Christ, the old testament is an excellent document where to find actual instances of all kind, which although they are interpreted as the expression of a divine will, they required a human mediation to carry out a psychic prodigy, and in many cases, such event was exhorted by rituals to evocate the metaphysical power.

However historical accounts on this mystical experience, tend to bring to extreme dramatization the psychic ability which yielded it, they assigned to it a meaningful purpose, nothing was done casually, but conceived from human mind which even if primitive, it shown a degree of self-consciousness allowing supernatural faculties to enter in the history of mankind as an instrument of power.

It must be said that it is not only the Bible which hold references of supranatural events carried out by psychics, every culture and religion of that time had his own, perhaps not so effective to cause ancient authors to write about so profusely, even though the force of imagination behind these facts or presumed facts is so likable to prevail, the psychic interaction with a local reality made of them an universal matter.

In Every ancient societies somebody who was able to earn public recognition by manifesting peculiar psychic talents appeared, although at that time the only plausible justification for showing supranatural power was witchcraft, they often avoided from being persecuted, because of their compassionate attitude, offering their intuition and abilities to find remedies to protect people from their ineluctable vulnerability.



Usually the psychic abilities of these gifted people, were devolved to humanistic purpose, as for medical practice for instance or, thanks to their higher consciousness, to serve as advisers in the political affairs of the government, in anycase their occult proficiency gave away such a sense of divinity to build quickly a reputation capable to travel far away faster than any news.

While the consciousness of the world was evolving, psychics thrived in fames more or less reliable founded on their manifested talents, however while in the eastern countries their integration in the social life happened naturally with respect and appreciation, in the western continent, those people who showed a psychic nature had to stay hidden for fear of being molested as a witch or a demon coming from the outer world to carry pain and misfortune.

The most evident aspect on the personality of who bore a psychic gift, even during ancient time, was a dynamic intelligence which always proved to be esclusive, and further more, they showed intuition and awareness, qualities which helped them to survive undisputed in eras where showing unique differences in the personality from the rest of the others could lead to trouble.

Among the far eastern societies of the past, one must refer to China and India for the relevant humanistic concern they apply on the recognition and valorization of psychic powers, such perception signs the first instance of illuminated thinking inspired by universal wisdom to bring all the spiritual and material issues on the same level.

As a natural fact, also the occident yielded its own rank of psychics, who lived in an era when the western continent was still a savage country with a primitive life system. , where paganism was the only spiritual cultural reference to foster basic rules of human understanding for the writing of principles in religion and politics.

Only clear social achievements in few privileged territory gave an authoritative meaning in the mind of the people, helping them to foresee light beyond the darkness which reigns the consciousness of that age, awakening interests and the willingness to engage in life projects aimed to build a better life.

While some advanced society lived their history in peace and prosperity employing psychics on public roles, other parts of the world were being invaded by barbarians or were afflicted by continuous intestine wars, under these unfortunate circumstances, psychics where generally despised and only few had the chance to be excluded from this unfair prejudice.

At any rate it was in the far east, that the development of psychism took a serious path, especially for those ones who manifested true psychic abilities, they were venerated and in some case even worshipped, the show of gratefulness of the people who benefit from their abilities was very generous, even by letting themself to deprive of their most precious possessions.

Unfortunately, having learned of the kind attention that psychics were receiving from people, many others started to speculate on the occult side of their abilities, enacting tricks to emulate them through play of illusion and manipulation, although such cheating was not riskless, as severe punishment were prescribed for who represented mischievously esoteric art.

According to historians It occurred precisely in India, the dawn of the human spirituality which developed esotericism, mysticism and psychism, long before the written language was invented, it took the talent of generations of adepts to retain the mnemonic imprinting of all the thinking being preached by those seers who retained universal wisdom.

A great learning experience as reported above is difficult to imagine without the presence of an immeasurable mystical faith held by all the operators, who only few sorted out from being selected by their psychic ability to remember per say what they had apprehended first hand from the masters, and who after received this legacy had to return it to a next generation.



This demonstration of psychic intelligence is the first clear instance of psychism in the human history which India has bequeathed to us through later scripts, since, there have elapsed millenniums before they reached the acknowledgement of the modern world, but their original philosophical principles are forever impressed in the consciousness of mankind.

To mention some of the psychic skill which left as useful legacy a well known discipline which is being appreciated by all spiritualists, is the occult trance, for the indian mystics it meant to enter in a metaphysical dimension separating their body from their mind, later such practice has been adjusted to human capability and transformed in meditation, more or less deep, depending on the application method, but the function remained the same, that to alleviate the burden of the body from the mind and to be guided toward a spiritual enlightenment.

Some psychics were also able to go further during such unconscious condition, as to separate their astral body from their physical and to project it onto a faraway site, such phenomenon grew the interests of many people who attempted for them-self to emulate the psychics who bore such ability, but with little success for many as such gift was dedicate only to few bearing superior powers.

Anyway there are many reports of mystical experiences through india helping to corroborate the faith on its archaic doctrine, which has been the reference point for western philosophers, who have drawn from it the sense of infinite wisdom to apply by duly interpretation to the local religion, embodying ethical principles and esoteric teaching.

In this primeval country psychism is often tied with a mystical personality which may survive depending on the followers he gather around him-self, who beside being spellbound by his spirituality, they also benefit of his enlightened knowledge, supporting his psychic ability almost as an object of cult, where the more outstanding is the psychic power manifested, the more wealth he is entitle to have.

While the recognition of the psychic power spread easily in all eastern countries, the universal wisdom bore by its consciousness started to interest also western minds, which thanks to the campaigns of Alexander the great that opened the first communication channel from india, through Persia and Iraq directly to Greece, were able to rely on the importation of new human cultural resources.

Soon it became a privilege, to learn universal philosophy taught by some courageous scholars arrived from faraway land to make available to western students the knowledge of their ancient doctrine and the esoteric meanings on the origin of humanity, thus helping psychics to acquire a better consciousness of their power.

Also Egypt was a millenary civilization renown for esoteric practices which may appear odd to understand however full of farsighted ambitions, every pharaoh could rely on a team of advisers to run the government affairs, among which psychics were the most prominent for their undisputed wisdom, the fact that the hegemony of Egypt lasted for so long time tells how proficient were these psychic advisers.



While on the opposite side of the mediterranean sea, in the civilized Greece any psychic ability was accepted as an individual matter and whoever had that power, was able to exercise it as a form of art before an audience, in some case they were requested to attend official meetings to help decision making of public interest, or taking position as educators.

Greek history is prodigal of famous psychics who are mixed with popular myths and legends which were making up most of the literary inspiration of that time, under this cultural context greek philosophy became a major cognitive discipline which attempted to discern about human spirituality and eventually allowing their intuitions to converge with the religion.

Western civilization evolved after that Greece was conquered by the Romans, who although they occupied Greece as invaders they showed a sincere attitude of interest toward the local culture, taking from it the fundamentals to build the cultural and religious background of the new roman society, importing from Greece a great number of scholars among which many talented psychics, to serve as private tutors.

But as history unfolded through change and transformations of ideals, the coming of christianity ended such golden age and the life of psychics started to take an awkward path, because of the feeling of superstitious fear which encircled their existence, people lost the positive awareness of their psychic powers, and eventually destined them to the role of witches or sorcerers.

At cause of such despicable sentiment, many psychics were left solitary without social referral which till then had assured their survival, now they risked their life everyday, even for frivolous reasons as for not being able to fulfill the fancy requests some people asked them to do, while for other, became inconvenient the spiritual transformation which had undertaken their psychic consciousness, namely evil worshipping and the dark forces of nature.

It is probably the latter situation which will bring eventually the decline of the reputation of the psychics, who became object of a mixed feeling from the people, some for ignorance, some for superstition, but the manifestation of their psychic ability become a rarer and rarer event, whoever had some psychic ability preferred not to reveal it publicly.

However, beside these infamous facts the history through Christianity has produced great psychic minds, who dedicated them-self to the study of science and philosophy, but also in the vocation of religion, which retains many saints, who where devout people that spent all their life to fulfill an humanitarian mission, bearing psychic abilities, they operated for the interest of others also at the cost of their ultimate sacrifice.



As christianity expanded everywhere in occident rejecting paganism, soon became clear that the spiritual ideology of this new faith was not compatible with the metaphysical abilities manifested by psychics and it tended to deny them as supranatural being, attributing psychic power only to saints who had performed miracles in their life, and who would be proclaimed so only by the holy siege after proven evidences.

The most controversial period of Christianity is during the "dark Age", when the church, being already a secular institution with great political power accorded by the vaste humanistic knowledge it held, dominated impudently the hopes of people, it was the spiritual alter ego of the kings, able to proclaim laws and implement punishments against whoever fell in heresy against its orthodox dogmas, which naturally found psychism in the front line.

Unfortunately the gloomy perspective of this period took over the human positive thinking carrying inside christianity many delusions, for almost a millennium the evolution of occident had remained still through an history of wars, famine, deadly epidemics etc. with the result of degrading humanity, however the psychics who survived the abuses and persecutions of this era could be finally rewarded in the end by seeing their predictions to realize.

At the end of this epochal tunnel saw the light the Renaissance, a total sociological phenomenon which brought new hopes among people and open many opportunities for some fortunate psychic minds who finally were able to take a revenge over the prejudices they endured, grasping their existence for long time and now they could enjoy the rebirth of an enlightened consciousness where to express them-self freely again.

Thanks to such humanistic revolution mankind achieved a closer sense of its universal status, the archaic order dictated by the inquisition had faded away, letting society to resume the vestige of past traditions, hidden but not dead in the heart of people, once again, pagan symbols reappeared to enhance the visual art in concurrence with the esoteric practice reinitiated by some illustrious psychics to serve the people new cultural fervour.

The enlightenment is considered from all as the beginning of modern history, a time which wont allow the progress of mankind depending on mere assumptions, such realistic approach allowed many psychics with true talents to gain public appreciation for their fantastic intuitions and inventions which marveled people and reigning courts.

However most of them have confounded the investigators and continue to be a source of mystery, looking back at these anonymous people who have helped to pave the way toward modern psychism, oftenly facing sarcastic derision and denial, a special mention of acknowledgement must be offered to them, in remembering that their life was to serve a metaphysical destiny.

I am closing here this gathering of thoughts about the history of psychism, certainly not because it ends with my last paragraph, but I reckon that its unfolding from the period of enlightenment, has been accurately recorded and it was not my intention to write a book anyway, the biographical references of the protagonists implied in the content, which I let you imagine their name and whereabouts, can be found in every library.

The purpose of recalling these chronological references is to compare the existential circumstance in which lived a psychic of the past with today and to help to understand his sentiments, although the true is that in the antiquity spirituality stood as a powerful thing while in the actual world its merely an individual issue without substance, is it that the end of the human soul ? No foretell answers to it, let the future speak for it-self.